• дизайн ногтей гель лаком фото

    Gel coating varnishes

    One of the most popular today services- design and сovering by gel varnish.

  • Наращивание ногтей гелем, акрилом, маникюр

    Nail modeling

    Modeling on acrylic gel technologies. Authoring designs.

  • Обучение наращивание ногтей Алла Кравченко компания Виктори Украина Киев уроки

    Photos from the training

    Education modeling, manicure and nail design. One of the leading training centers. Exclusive, international educational programs. The learning process.

  • Яна Клочкова ногтевая эстетика

    Printed editions

    Articles and step by step the best technology in the professional magazine. Working with famous people.


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    (Russian) Базовые курсы

    (Russian) Базовый курс "ГЕЛЕВОЕ МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ" 28, 29 марта, 3-7 апреля Базовый курс "АКРИЛОВОЕ МОДЕЛИРОВАНИЕ" 28 марта, 3,4,5,7 апреля. КИЕВ

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    Workshop Allа Kravchenko from Odessa in 2015

    Invite Vseh zhelayuschyh Please visit here Allы Kravchenko seminar on “Design of commercial helevыmy paints, Technology nanesenyya Bio-gel” 11/21/2015 g kotorыy held a seminar on “WINTER novohodnye dyzaynы helevыmy and varnishes” 11/22/2015 g City Odessa. For detalnoy obraschaytes Information by phone: (093) 795-23-20, (098) 718-77-20 Inna.

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    Seminar with working Odessa city 19.09.2015-20.09.2015

    We invite everyone to attend a seminar with working on the theme: “National motives” monogram, abstraction 09/19/2015 from 09:00 to 15:00 and “Thin line design” 09/20/2015 from 10:00 to 16:00. The cost of the seminar 500 UAH. – 1 day. Location: Odessa, Cathedral Square 2. Tel. (093) 795-23-20

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Alla Kravchenko
Master designer Ez Flow.
Medalist and winner of the Championship "Friendship Cup" (St. Petersburg, 2012.2013, 2014). Two-time winner of Grand Prix Championship...