Creativity doesn’t suffer a framework and needs an inspiration source. And after all modeling of nails, a painting all of these are real delicate artwork. It happens, I can be inspired from something absolutely insignificant, for example, having seen a spiderline which shimmers in the sun with small drops of dew or rain.

Everything that you can see in gallery — these are my works, beginning from design and finishing with execution.

It that I create with my own hands, embodying the most my interesting and courageous ideas in reality. I carefully select materials for nail extension; I work only with qualitative American brands. And, of course, I try that every woman   whom I do manicure, leaving me satisfied and happy.

The correct manicure keeps more than two weeks, and it means that you shouldn’t think of the nails during this time, and you can safely devoting yourself to a family and work.

Magic winter patterns on the windows, the first snowdrops, a sunshower, a bright sun, people who surround me — all of this inspires me on creation of improbable images and unique drawings. The nature and environment offers us a lot of options for creativity, it is only necessary to open your eyes and to look narrowly. The lovely ladybug, nimble forty, the presented bouquet of wild flowers or an amazing butterfly —there is where to derive inspiration in the nature from.

On courses on nail extension, manicure and design in Kiev I teach to see the beauty around and to transfer it to work. Sometimes, even the kind word and a smile of the loved person helps to create new and unique ornament. Of course, I follow novelties in the fashion industry, after all, every new fashionable season dictates the rules.

It is very important to understand:

  • What color will be the most popular?
  • What is the shape of the nails will look most effectively?
  • What is new in the industry of nail extension?

But it is especially pleasant to improve fashionable trends and to supplement them with a small part of yourself. The most important is to believe in you and never give up! After all, we, women are the real magicians who do make this world more beautiful!

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