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Course: Designs by gel varnishes”

The program of a seminar includes:

– acquaintance with products of Ez Flow and ibd

– technology of drawing and removal of gel varnishes.

– 8 mistakes of the master on which a gel varnish to last less time specified by the producer.

You will learn various designs and technicians saloon the express — designs by gel varnishes at a seminar.

– gradient, ombre

– molding

– lace

– sateen effect

– effect of liquid stones

– textural designs (work with a glitter and a velvet)

– the stylized floristics

– curls, butterfly

– ornamental patterns

– abstraction (thin lines)

You will practice 12-15 designs at a seminar.

Course: “All types of manicure”

It includes: studying of anatomy and illness of nails; processing and disinfection of the tool.

Types of manicure with which you will get acquainted:

– the European;

– classical, hot;

– the hardware;

– Spa, parafinn therapy;

– man’s, children’s;

– covering by gel varnishes of TruGel JustGel.

Practice is held on the models.

You will pass written and practical examination upon termination of a course.

Course: “Modeling of a decorative French” (professional development).

The course is designed for the masters with experience who completed a basic course on acrylic and/or gel modeling and who wishes to improve the skills.

The course includes:

– acquaintance with the production;

– statement of forms;

– architecture of an artificial nail, professionalism, purity and accuracy of performance of work;

– lengthening nail bed, creation of the accurate line of a smile;

— selection of colours and shades, for works;

– decorative French;

– a stained glass French with a glitter;

– type-setting decorative French;

– combination of technologies acrylic+gel;

– portrayal elements, using gel of paints, decorating of nails;

– the trimming of nails.

Forms: square, soft square.

Course: “Gel modeling of nails”

The course includes:

– theory;

– disinfection and sterilization of the tool;

– statement of shape;

– the scheme of the trimming;

– modeling “under a varnish”;

– covering of nails by gel varnishes;

– French;

– acquaintance to led-gels;

– correction of artificial nails.

Training of modeling of a form: square, soft square.

At the end of a course you will pass written and practical examination after which successful delivery you gain the international diploma.