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What woman wouldn’t like to be the greatest, to look good. And the manicure — is one of the main components of all image. Well-groomed hands and nails always attract the attention as well as makeup or clothes. Nail extension and a covering gel varnishes in Kiev is an opportunity to give to the hands a well-groomed look and to create necessary stylish accent.
The procedure of manicure has became so habitual and ordinary today that, it would seem, you will surprise the modern woman with nothing already. Only the fashionable industry doesn’t stand still, and each new season presents to women of fashion a set of interesting novelties as regards manicure
• new shapes of the nails,
• new, more resistant colors and shades,
• unusual patterns and decoration for nail art
— all of this helps the woman to show the personality and to feel the real queen. Courses of nail extension give the chance as for masters of nail service, so for women of fashion to be in a trend nail service.
Already rather long time nail extension by gel or acryle is one of the most widespread procedures among women. The extended nails can be decorated with volume drawings or elements of an acrylic molding. The technicians are improved, as well as material, every year.
Certainly, one of the most popular procedures is the covering and design gel varnishes. Besides aesthetic design, you can modify the injured nails, to restore their structure and to eliminate roughnesses. I, as the manicurist, own the most progressive technicians of design of nails and I can offer interesting options, both for daily, and for festive manicure.
As for fashionable trends and tendencies, each fashionable season brings something new. However the classic remains classics. Well-groomed and beautiful hands, varnishes of pastel tones, lunar and also French manicure — all this is actual. If we talk about something more unusual and special, you should pay attention to use in manicure drawings of geometric figures or textured designs. The nails covered with a white or saturated claret varnish look тot less effectively.
Whatever were fashionable trends, the most important — to be yorself. And well-groomed nails and beautiful manicure will only give you a certain highlight.
The price of services depends on many factors, including material for nail extension, design of nails and complexity of work.
The approximate cost can be viewed here:
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